What is Counselling 

Counselling is a chance to talk without criticism, blame or judgement, in order to understand or manage thoughts, feelings and circumstances more clearly. It cannot change  some circumstances  that are out of our control but it can help change how we manage them, allowing us to  feel more in control. Counselling helps us to understand ourselves better and make choices about our lives that feel right for us . 



What do sessions look like 

 When and how we meet will be mutually agreed between us. We can meet face to face in my office, over zoom or on the phone. Sessions  last for 50 minutes at a time for individual sessions and 70  minutes for couples. During the sessions I will not advise you or guide you to make decisions but will facilitate your explorations and support any choices you make that feel right for you.



What can I / We talk about 

You can talk about whatever you like. Sometimes people want to explore the impacts of  a  major life challenge like illness, bereavement divorce or a trauma. Sometimes people  feel confused generally or feel unhappy and  want space to gain clarity . Sometimes people want to understand themselves better.

Counselling is for everyone and any life circumstance they find themselves in.



I'm interested / what  happens next 

When I receive your enquiry I will contact you to arrange an initial free, no obligation telephone conversation. This is your opportunity to ask questions  and for me to explain a bit more about what I offer. If you would then like to progress we will arrange a  first session. This will be your chance to experience how counselling feels with me, as it is really important that you feel I am the right counsellor for you. If you would like to progress  further after this,  I suggest booking a  block of 6 sessions. You can always extend beyond these if you want to 



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