Supervision is a chance for practitioners to reflect upon their work with clients in a trusting, collaborative relationship that is both supportive and challenging. Underpinning the relationship is mutual openness, respect and understanding. This enables supervision to be empowering and a place where great  difficulties can be explored in the knowledge that the purpose of the work is to assist in the supervisees development rather than stand in judgement of it. This also enables  practitioners  the best possible chance of  meeting their clients needs and to practice in an ethical manner.


What I Offer 

Individual Counselling Supervision 


A one to one relationship which can be delivered face to face, over the telephone or via on line platforms. I supervise work with qualified and trainee counsellors .




Sessions are typically 1.5 -200 hours per month or dependant on client hours and  supervision requirements in relation to that   

Group Counselling Supervision 


Minimum numbers 2 

Maximum numbers  4

The group can be  made up of either qualified counsellors or trainees or a mixture of both, usually working for the same organisation.



Sessions are typically 1.5 - 2.00 hours per month or dependant on group numbers 

Supervision for Allied Social Care / Health Practitioners

Individual or group supervision for  practitioners holding case loads  in community social care/ health  organisations 





Sessions are typically 1-5-2.00 hours per month

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